Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tripe, Hernias, and Mommy Burnout

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Today's topic is Mommy Burnout. Let us now read a quote from my esteemed mother, Prickly Grandma (who says it happens to all of us):

"I remember when I used to have 'food slumps,' where I would fall out of my making-meals-day-after-day groove. The absolute worst time was when your sister had food poisoning and your grandma came over to watch you guys so I could take her to the hospital. The only thing I had in the freezer to make a meal was something really odd-ball, like tripe or lamb shanks. I tried to instruct your grandma over the phone on how to make that into a meal...and I was just so exasperated. Looking back, I think: couldn’t she have just ordered a pizza?

"It was probably around that time that I wished I could just go to the hospital for a few days to get some rest. As if on cue, I got a hernia.

"So I got a few days in the hospital, but it was a painful recovery (which made housework and chores that much harder).

"The moral here is: be careful what you wish for."
I love you, Mom.

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