Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Hate LEGOs

Last night, exasperated, I updated my Facebook status: "I hate LEGOs."

No, I didn't step on one, as one of my friends asked. I just don't get them. I do like the basic concept: build something based on imagination. Take it apart. Make it better. Repeat. But now Bug is totally into LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, which, I have to admit, is pretty darn entertaining as a mini-movie and video game, but as a toy (or increasingly-expensive series of toys), I'm confused. You buy a pile of LEGOs that Daddy has to put together. they really expect an almost-five-year-old to just look at it? He wants to play! Then, one by one, the components come apart and Mommy doesn't have the patience to fix them. Then everything ends up as a pile of LEGOs on the floor.

We could have just bypassed all of this and dumped the brand-new box of pieces directly on the family room floor, you know?

The reality is: I have little boys, and little boys like building with LEGOs. This means it's my duty as their mom to figure out some way to play with them that we can all enjoy. Here's what I'm finding so far:
(P.S. Above all, as an editor, I can't stand when companies insist their product name appear in all capital letters when it is not an acronym. And we wonder why kids don't understand the proper usage of caps and lowercase letters. Just one of my many pet peeves. Grr.)


  1. HMMMMMM; I wasn't aware of the acronym/caps rule! But, I agree with the lego value....makes little sense to me.

  2. I feel your pain, My son loves Lego (see lower case - in your face LEGO!) but he's really too young to build it himself so he insists that Hublet and I do it. then he plays with it for five seconds, it breaks and we have to build it again - groan.

  3. I thought of you this week as my girls got 6 different sets of Lego Friends (the girly legos!) I didn't put any of them together, they love doing it either with their dad or by themselves... We even have a Christmas Lego scene that is set up like a little village :-P