Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Life in Tabs

Is it just me, or do other people keep track of what they need to do by opening up a new browser tab?

It's kind of like a snapshot of my brain...a window into my soul...the story of my life at the moment. But after a while, there are too many tabs to fit on one screen, and some of them have to be closed. So what do I do? Write a blog post, of course (come on...'tis the season for the "roundup," right?).

Here's what's on my plate during Christmastime, 2012...

Natural Stress Relief: I really want to learn Transcendental Meditation, but it's just way too expensive (over $1,000). This alternative method claims to teach a similar technique for $25. I have to get my stress and anxiety under control.

Pinterest | Search Results for "Self Regulation": I recently discovered what is termed "self-regulation" in the autism community--the ability to conduct yourself appropriately in a given situation despite an overflow of emotions. I, myself, never learned how to effectively self-regulate. Now my son is struggling with impulse control and I need some ideas (for both of us).

Sears Home Services: Our ice maker has been dead for a month.

Victoria's Secret Kiss Tees: I have boobs that are way too big for my body (I'm 5'2" and 125 lbs. and take a DD). Who deals with giant hooters better than Victoria's Secret? Their T-shirts are cut in such a way that flatters my figure without making me look like a freak (or a "ho"...or pregnant).

Seasons Pizza: I guess I can close this tab. (BTW, if you're gluten-free and you're ever in Delaware or Maryland, their GF crust is fantastic. Just sayin'.)

Money Saving Mom | How to Develop a Routine that Works--and Stick to It: I'm currently working on her plan. She's all about starting small and building on your successes.

Pendle Hill Retreat: A mom friend of mine recently attended a weekend workshop here and I want to do one, too. I need some restoring...badly. For those of you across the Atlantic, I've discovered through Google that there's also a Pendle Hill in England...that's haunted. I'd like to hit that up sometime, too!

And last but not least, everybody's favorite site, What are they suggesting for me today? Meditation books for kids...a balance board...a butter lamb mold...Walking Dead comic books...oh dear...I think they've figured out how to mind-meld with me. I'm going to go downstairs now and make myself a tin-foil hat. Happy holidays!

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