Monday, December 24, 2012

It's the Hand of Christmas!

( have to say that is a low, ominous-yet-goofy voice...)

I have a crafty aunt who has made many of the cherished ornaments I hang on the tree each year. Her creations are fabulous--my all-time favorites include an angel made from various macaroni shapes hot-glued together and an elf with a jingle-bell for an abdomen.

As one would expect, considering the sheer number of different ornaments my aunt has crafted through the years, there have been some duds. And in our house, the most famous dud of all is...the Hand of Christmas!

It's a knit white winter glove stuffed with poly-fill and decorated with felt and other doodads to look like Santa. As far as ornaments go, it's huge. Too huge for any Christmas tree that I'll ever have.

But of course, the boys loved it, and thus it has inadvertently become the centerpiece of a Prickly Family holiday tradition. When Bug hung it on the tree a couple years ago (when he was three), I plucked it off and started chasing him around the house with it, declaring, "oooooooo! It's the Hand of Christmas!" (and of course, the object of the game it to get away from it and avoid a fluffy love-spank!)

This year, Bug is constantly begging me to play (so much so that I'm actually looking forward to taking the tree down so I can pack the Hand of Christmas away until next year). I'm not usually a fan of chasing games, but my little guys love this one so much that I feel like I have to give in and play a few times a day.

'Tis the season to be silly with the kids, right? Merry Christmas!

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