Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Like a Party in His Mouth!

Last night, right before tooth-brushing time, Bug announced, "Mom! The sugar bugs are having a party in my mouth!" (Sugar Bugs is a cute Leapster app about dental hygiene, by the way). He opened his mouth and asked me to look inside. "See? Look at all of them!"

How often does an opportunity like this present itself?!?

I looked in his mouth and added, "hey! They're dancing! And I think one of them is playing music!" I stuck my ear near his mouth and Bug started to sing. I handed him his toothbrush and said, "get 'em!" As he brushed, I supplied sound effects and dialogue...the "sugar bugs" squealed, "hey! A toothbrush! Run! He's brushing away our party! Help!" I actually got him to do the best brushing of his life as the sugar bugs cried, "He's not brushing his back teeth! Everybody run back there! He's missing his bottom teeth! Everybody go there!" When the whole shindig had finally been brushed away, and Bug spit his fluoride rinse into the sink, we noticed the bubbles and decided they must have been the balloons from the party. Then we rinsed the whole party down the drain.

Of course, Pie decided he had a party going on in his mouth too, so we did the whole act all over again for him. But, hey, it was worth it...the boys both got a good brushing, and got to exercise their imaginations, too!

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  1. We managed to get an entire week of easy brushing out of Goblin when we all pretended he had a little cat running around the inside of his mouth (slightly more abstract than your sugar bugs). He let us chase the cat all round his mouth with the toothbrush as long as we made the occasional meow to keep him amused.