Monday, June 25, 2012

25 Preschool Must-Reads

In no particular order, here are some of my sons' current favorite stories, my personal favorites, and books I would like to bring into our current rotation. The list might seem to be a little slanted towards "boy" interests...but three- and four-year-old males just have a thing for airplane explosions, pirates, and going down the slide head-first, I guess. Enjoy--and let me know if you have any to add!

This was a favorite of mine as a little girl, and now, fortunately, is one of Bug's. Unfortunately, I've been reading it every night for a month!

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Another throwback from my childhood--plus, it shows children in a poignant way how we, the parents, feel when we're worried about them.

No one can beat Laura Ingalls Wilder's kids-eye-view descriptions of pioneer life, and this series brings that wonder to the younger crowd.

Harold and the Purple Crayon
The end of this story sparked a great discussion and demonstration of how our muscles relax when we fall asleep. Pretty deep for a four-year-old!

Harry the Dirty Dog
Who doesn't love a dirty dog? Especially one you've known since first grade?

Danny and the Dinosaur
Bug couldn't suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy this story...but Syd Hoff is still one of my favorite illustrators.

Amelia Bedelia
My husband had never heard of Amelia Bedelia (he learned to read with Frog and Toad). I know my goofball kids are going to love her!

Dragon Gets By
Another series for our family's goofy side. Dav Pilkey (probably better known for Captian Underpants) rules!

Mr. Grumpy
I love the Mr. Men books, and have bought several for Bug and Pie over the years. Plus, I see a lot of Mr. Grumpy in myself, and love reading this one aloud.

Flat Stanley
I had to dig down on Amazon to find this one, since Stanley has apparently gotten a snazzy new look for the 21st century. I'm sticking with the original illustrations from my childhood, thank you.

If Everybody Did
Funny illustrations, and a great springboard for a discussion on citizenship and cause and effect.

Scuffy the Tugboat
I had this book when I was three...

The Kitten who Thought He Was a Mouse
...and this one. I also like to expose the boys to realistic illustration styles when I can.

Katy and the Big Snow
It's about a snowplow in a snowstorm. Enough said.

Fish Is Fish
A sweet, funny little lesson about friendship and growing up.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
One of my read-aloud favorites: I love doing the voice of a crazy bird having a tantrum!

The Snowy Day
Another one.

Under the Ground
Bug was obsessed with this one for a long time when he was three--especially with the pages that showed the pipes beneath a house. This is a good book for a budding engineer.

In the Castle
I fell in love with the illustrations in this book. So vibrant and detailed.

On a Pirate Ship
Same as above!

The Knight and the Dragon
Tomie dePaola is another of my favorite illustrators. I love the message this story imparts--and it's done largely without words.

The Monster at the End of this Book
I'm not a fan of TV tie-ins, but this book made the list because it's fun. Beware, though--your kid won't let you get away without reading it again!

Slide, Already!
Pie likes to read this book to me...because he has it memorized. A quick, fun story with a lot of out-of-the-ordinary vocabulary ("remember the Alamo," "egads!").

The Fisherman and His Wife
This is a story with a "moral" that actually held my kids' interest--probably because the main character was a sassy, talking fish. It was fun to do the fish's voice, too!

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  1. Great Books! The Laura Ingllas Wilder one caused a 'hankering' for a roasted pig's tail....something I've never had, but I just KNOW I'd love. Mmmmm roast pork!