Monday, September 9, 2013

The Family "Vacation"

Look at that posture. I look totally dejected.
We just got home from a weekend at the beach, and I feel the need to pose the following question: is a family vacation ever really a vacation for the mother? If the answer is yes, I'm doing something terribly wrong and I need advice (see what my Facebook friends had to say).

It just seems to me that all I'm doing is taking my work on the road (that is, as soon as I've finished with the madness of packing clothes and sundries, trying to forget as few items as possible, and wishing I could measure up to Prickly Dad's idea of the right way to do things, all while attempting -- unseccesfully -- to stave off a panic attack from all the pressure). I'd venture to guess that no matter what your job is, it's going to be especially difficult and stressful to do it in an unfamiliar location and without your complete toolbox with you. Mothering is no exception.

It must get better at some point, right? Will there come a point when I can sit on the beach like I used to and listen to the ocean or read a book without the perpetual intrusion of "Mom! Look at me! Mom! Look! Mom! Mom! You're not looking! Mom! Mom! Mom!" Will I ever be able to have a meal in a restaurant without a kid insisting on crawling under the table or having to be placated with a Kindle game? Will the boys eventually grow out of their compulsion to jump on the hotel beds and, instead, act like civilized human beings?

Somebody just tell me it gets better.


  1. depends on what the definition of "better" is. Eventually, they'll stop crawling under the table, and then they'll want to be off somewhere with their friends. I guess your question is really "is it all worth it?", and believe me when I say that the answer is YES! It just may be a while before you realize it; so in the meantime just hang in there!

    1. Anonymous, you know I'm your biggest fan. :)

  2. I call it the "look it's". My kids are especially prone to the look-it's when we are at the swimming pool. While I wish, I could just relish the moment and enjoy their adorable tricks, the pool is usually a very stressful place for me as a mom. I have to spend the entire time scanning the pool and counting to make sure all four children are above the surface of the water. If the pool is really crowded, I really don't even have a moment to watch a trick because the trick is usually preceded by a super long explanation and then an obligatory congratulation of x number of specific words is expected from me. See, the look-it's aren't so adorable anymore . And then I look like this horrible mom who isn't appreciating the moment when I have to tell my kids I can't look at their tricks. I need my own pool because when we go to the pool when it's empty of other people, I am not stressed and it is easier to know my kids are safet and I can enjoy the moments.

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