Friday, October 12, 2012 Blogging On Demand!

I have been following (and admiring) Deborah from for several weeks now. She has written about the "discovery table" in her classroom: a place where her students can explore materials on their own without the usual grownup-imposed restrictions.

I've been wanting to use my kitchen table for "discovery" projects, as I find myself stressing out a lot when the boys want to be with me--but I have cooking or chores to do (and their "helping" isn't really helping). I want to set up her tin cans and magnets activity as well as "what's inside a gourd?" (I just saw bags of weird-looking gourds at the grocery store this morning...perfect!).

So, last night I left a comment on Deborah's blog asking about the thought process behind the discovery table and how she chooses activities. And this morning I found she'd written the best reply ever--it was like getting an "On Demand" blog post with just the information I was looking for! Now that's what I call service (tee-hee)!

Check out the question and answer at the bottom of this page. It's really good stuff.

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