Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Living in Fear of Poop

Please tell me I'm not the only mother of a three-year-old living in constant fear of him having an "accident" at school.

Yes, I'm one of "those" moms, sending my just-barely potty-trained kid to his first year of Child Must Be Toilet Trained preschool. Today is Day Two, and just like yesterday, I'm dreading the possibility of picking him up and seeing him wearing...insert blood-curdling scream...The Change of Clothes.

If I see him in tan shorts and a red shirt this afternoon, it's all good until tomorrow.

You see, potty training my older son was such a nightmare that I prematurely declared little Pie successfully trained even though he hasn't pooped in the toilet to date. I mean, consider the facts, and hopefully you'll agree: during the day, Pie pees in the toilet almost 100% of the time. By the grace of God, he only poops once a day, after breakfast, so I just leave him in his nighttime Pull-Up until he stinks it up, and then we're ready to tackle the day. There. I call that potty trained.

Well, except on days like today. We all got up a little late, and I wasn't able to shove enough breakfast foods down Pie's little gullet (you know, to get things moving) before we had to leave for school. Sigh. It's not like I'm for "stool withholding"--but I'm just hoping he can hold it until he gets home. I'll gladly clean up poopy underpants just to keep myself from being labeled "that mom who can't potty train her kids" (Bug had the same teacher last year...and he had, um, problems).

All right, the hour of truth is fast approaching. Please help me pray for tan shorts.


  1. i know exactly what you mean. my daughter was very difficult to potty train. it actually got to the point where she decided she just wasn't going to poop anymore and we had to start giving her a stool softener. blah! when she started preschool last year she still hadn't mastered pulling her pants up and down(lucky for she was blessed with my big ol' butt). i had to go in to talk to her teachers several times to deal with that issue. i'm happy to say,now, she's quite the pro with potty training(though modesty seems to be the new issue with her kindergarten teacher)

  2. Praying for tan shorts!!! :)

    I {love} any story that is titled "living in fear of poop". My daily mantra is "everything isn't covered in poop, so it's a good day"! (really, I'm not joking - I don't joke about poop ;) Fellow Real Life Wednesday-er on picklebums :)

    xx melissa @ mamamiss

  3. Too funny! I had the exact opposite problem with Roman. He would poop exclusively in the potty for about 6 months, but pee in a pull up. Then, I found out he was staying dry all day at daycare, and only wetting once I picked him up! I finally sat him down & told him he was going to wear big boy underpants from now on, and he was not allowed to pee in them. He said "Okay Mommy" and has been dry ever since. Little stinker!