Monday, September 10, 2012

Delaware the Beautiful

During tuck-in tonight, Bug asked me to sing him to sleep.

I don't know any lullabies (seriously--how have I made it through five years of motherhood without learning the words to any lullabies?), so I decided to sing "America the Beautiful." Then "The Star-Spangled Banner," followed by "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

As soon as the last note of my patriotic super-set passed through my lips, Bug asked, "can you sing a song about another country now?"

Being a lifelong hockey fan, I do happen to know most of the words to "Oh, Canada." But when I told Bug, he said, "no, I mean a different Delaware?"

After reminding him that Delaware was our state, I explained that all the states share the same American national anthem, and that I didn't think each state had its own individual song. But he wasn't satisfied with that answer...and insisted that I sing the Delaware national anthem.

So I did. Unfortunately I'm no Francis Scott Key, and just ended up singing most of the words to one of the other songs, substituting colors and scenery from the Brandywine Valley for the amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty (I did squeeze the Atlantic seashore in there somewhere, too, but I probably should have mentioned poultry farms, corporate P.O. boxes, and Punkin' Chunkin', and maybe something about Ryan Phillippe. Or the Vice President. Oh well).

The poignant part of all of this was that Bug truly had no idea why I laughed through the whole crazy song. In his little five-year-old mind, they were all songs about loving the place you live. And that is why I admire my patriotic little Delawarean.


  1. My grandmother was an accomplished musician, and she actually wrote a children' musical all about Delaware! No joke! It was performed at the Capital by like some 4th graders... I may be able to unconver some Delaware songs for ya!!