Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Best Bubble Solution Value Is...

...the one you buy at the store!

I'm my Grandma's granddaughter (she grew up on a Nebraska farm during the Depression), and as such, I'm all about washing and re-using generic Ziploc bags and having a dishrag instead of wasting paper towels. So of course I'm going to make my own bubble solution. Fancy store-bought bubbles? Pfbft.

Last week I donned my "thrifty" hat, washed out a milk jug and put together the popular bubble recipe consisting of six cups water, two cups dish detergent (real Palmolive--from Dollar General, that is), and 3/4 cup corn syrup. Guess what: it stunk! Even tthough it almost produced a few of those cool, giant bubble-tubes, a standard dip-and-blow of the homemade stuff yielded about, well, one bubble. The next day, my husband brought home a bottle of that new "boutique" Jelly Belly green-apple scented bubble solution. Guess what: it produced about 20 bubbles for every one DIY bubble. The bubbles were pretty, too. And they smelled good.

You know what I say, as far as bubble solution goes, just buy the darn store stuff. As moms, our time can be better spent just sitting down and blowing the bubbles (it's good "slow, measured breathing" practice, too). I think Grandma would be okay with it.

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