Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Could You Pee in a Diaper?

My little Pie, who turned three today, will sit on the toilet without argument, but he just won’t go potty. In a way, I can understand: this is a totally foreign concept to him, as he has been peeing in a diaper since Day One. I know if I have to go somewhere out of the ordinary, like in the woods for example, it’s hard to let it flow--it might take a minute or two to get over the psychological hurdle.

I'm imagining Pie thinking, "I can't go potty in the toilet--that's absurd!" Kind of like when the media reported on tourists who wore adult diapers to the Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop a few years ago (check out this incontinence-education blog post outing adult diaper-wearers. It's totally un-PC for me to say this, but it made me cringe). Going in a diaper? What kind of person could do that?

A toddler, that's who. I guess I need to put on my psychologist hat now.

More potty updates to come.

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